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21st June 2024

Maulbronner Klosterhof

22nd June 2024

Black Sheep Festival, Heilbronn

30th August 2024

(Featuring '1-Rig')

Gretna Day Centre Hall

31st August 2024

Dunnet Head, Scotland - 'Part of Dunes by The Dunes Festival'

1st September 2024

(Featuring '1-Rig')

Victoria Hall, Dunblane

31st October 2024

Fort William, Nevis Centre

1st November 2024

An Lanntair

2nd November 2024

Strathpeffer Pavilion

4th November 2024

Dundee, Whitehall Theatre

5th November 2024

Carlisle, Harraby Theatre

6th November 2024

Nottingham Arts Theatre

7th November 2024

Bristol, 1532 Theatre

9th November 2024

London, The Tabernacle

10th November 2024

Essex, The Institute Theatre

19th November 2024

Remchingen Kulturhalle

20th November 2024


21st November 2024


22nd November 2024

Horn Bad Meinberg

23rd November 2024

Bebra Lokschuppen

24th November 2024


26th November 2024

Isernhagen Blues Garage

27th November 2024

DK Slagelse

28th November 2024

DK Gribskov

29th November 2024

DK Blokhus, Spillestedt

30th November 2024

DK Vejen Sportscenter

1st December 2024

DK-Aarhus Hermans

14th January 2025

Krefeld, Kulturfabrik

15th January 2025

Oberhausen, Zentrum Altenberg

16th January 2025

Hamburg, Knust

17th January 2025

DK Knebel, Fuglsocentret

18th January 2025

DK Knebel, Fuglsocentret

19th January 2025

Wilhelmshaven Pumpwerk

1st February 2025

Central Hall, Edinburgh

7th February 2025

The Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow

13th March 2025

Baden-Baden, Ranstatic

14th March 2025

Kuchen, Patchwork Kultur Treff

15th March 2025

Kellinghusen, Kartoffelhalle

16th March 2025

Gummersbach, Halle 32

18th March 2025

DK Nykobing

19th March 2025

DK Sendborg

20th March 2025

DK Ringsted

21st March 2025

DK Skive

22nd March 2025

DK Thyholm

23rd March 2025

DK Dokken