Beat The Drum is a professional tribute band, playing homage to the Scottish Celtic Rock band ‘Runrig’.

It’s time to ‘Dance Again’ and relive countless Runrig Anthems including Loch Lomond, Rocket To The Moon, Every River, Greatest Flame, Hearts of Olden Glory and more as part of the brand new ‘Runrig Experience’.

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“The Runrig songs come to life when they’re played live. This show will mean that they live on and that’s a great thing”.

Alistair Commons

“An authentic, tasteful & respectful tribute to the best Scottish band of all time”

Ben Marshall

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29th November 2023

Church, Dundee (Scotland)

2nd December 2023

The Tabernacle, London (England)

3rd December 2023

Cambridge, The Portland Arms Music Hall (England)

4th December 2023

Bonington Theatre, Nottingham (England)

5th December 2023

**EXTRA NIGHT ADDED** Bonington Theatre, Nottingham (England)

10th January 2024

Oberhausen, Zentrum Altenberg (DE)

11th January 2024

Hamburg, Knust (DE)

12th January 2024

Knebel, Fuglsocent (DK)

13th January 2024

Knebel, Fuglsocent (DK)

14th January 2024

Isernhagen, Blues Garage (DE)

16th January 2024

Krefeld, Kulturfabrik (DE)

17th January 2024

Soest, Alter Schlachthof (DE)

18th January 2024

Ringsted, Kongress (DK)

19th January 2024

Horsens 8700, Ny Teater (DK)

20th January 2024

Silkeborg 8600, Jysk Musikteater (DK)

23rd January 2024

Aschaffenburg, Colossaal (DE)

24th January 2024

Baden-Baden, Ranstatic (DE)

Hear the story behind
Beat The Drum

Hear Richie (Lead Vocals) and Ben (Keyboards & Manager) chatting about the band, it’s roots and of course Runrig on the Working Musicians Podcast with Artist Management Services’ Adam Cable.

What they’re saying…

“Respectful, appropriate but above all, absolute quality! This is exactly what a tribute band should be. Not a cheesy look-a-like, a show that’s committed to keeping the music alive. 10/10”


“They know they’re not Runrig. They’re not trying to be. What this is is a chance to celebrate Runrig’s incredible songs and experience them in a live environment again with an incredible band. Highly Recommended”


“This was a special night. We never thought we’d get to hear these songs live again. Beat The Drum are incredible musicians in their own rights but paying tribute to Runrig was never going to be an easy task. The reality is that they’ve smashed it out the park. A very fitting and respectful homage to living Scottish legends. The lads would be proud of them and delighted to hear their music living on.” – Jon Owen



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